Academic License Form


Q: Am I required to have Google Earth Pro to use the software in the classroom or for academic purposes, or do the terms of service for Google Earth "free" allow for this?
A: You are allowed to use the free, standard version for classroom and research purposes. Please refer to the permissions guidelines for more information. 

Q: Does Google offer educational pricing of Google Earth Pro for educators?
A: Yes, Google is pleased to be able to extend free licenses of Google Earth Pro 
to qualified educators affiliated with (employed by) lower, middle, and upper grade schools, accredited community and four year colleges, universities and graduate schools, selected vocational training programs, certain education oriented NGOs, public access museums, and academic libraries. 

Q: How do I know if I need Google Earth Pro? What features does it provide?
Both programs are updated at the same time and have the same imagery and clarity. The difference lies in the user features and functionality. Please visit this link to see our comparison chart for specific product details

Q: Will I be able to renew my license? 
A: In most cases, yes. Email with your request for renewal. You will be asked to resubmit the qualifications document. 

Q: How many downloads may I request?
A: Each account can accommodate up to 300 activations. We ask that you request only what you need, and consider Google Earth free as a mass-deployment option. 

Q: Am I required to report my research or usage?
A: No, but the Google Earth Community would very much like to hear about your work. You are encouraged to contribute to one of two forums facilitated by the Google Earth Community: (geared towards K-12) and/or There, you will be joined by other educators seeking collaborative opportunities with their peers for the benefit of students. Whether it be information in the form of a lesson plan, detailed testimony outlining your successes, or questions for fellow teachers, these contributions will foster incentives for creativity and innovation which that can ultimately evolve into Google Earth enhancements geared specifically toward curriculum development.