External Resources

The table below includes some of the many tools and resources available on the web for producing and editing KML.  Don't see your favorite resources/tool?  You can add it for others to see by using the comment field at the bottom of the page.

Official KML Developer Guide Google official guide for understanding and using KML
Official Google KML Reference Specifications for the KML file format
Google Geo Developer Series Talks, videos, and other resources for using Earth and Maps including advanced techniques.
KML Articles Tutorials for various common KML applications
Earth Spreadsheet Tool Simple interface for getting started with KML. Includes tutorials and walkthroughs.
LibKML Google libraries for applications that want to parse, generate, and operate on KML.
Google Earth API Google Earth API in Javascript for embedding Earth applications in your website
Regionator Python scripts to generate and verify region-based KML files. Helps automate the process of breaking up large KML data sets for faster load times and better UI experience
WCS2KML  Tools for converting data stored in a FITS file format that is based on a WCS (World Coordinate System). Warps imagery from one frame to the other and displays in Google Sky
 Arc2Earth  Tool for converting popular ArcGIS data to KML for display
 GeoBlogSpot Multiple tools and resources relating to KML
 GDAL  Open source conversion tools and libraries that support KML and various other geospatial data standards
 Gigapan  Super resolution imagery project that includes resources for generating photo overlays of very large imagery
 GPSBabel  Converts waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS formats and programs
 Matlab Toolbox Set of functions for converting standard Matlab objects to KML equivalents
 Superoverlay Stand-alone Google Earth application for tiling raster datasets and creating view based regions in KML or KMZ files. Also supports ArcView formats and Google Earth Sky