Notes & Discussion


Outreach program:
  • Layer of activities, programs for MWCT
  • Need photos, videos, stories

Education program:
  • Get youth programs and schools involved
  • Start by installing Google Earth on computers, and introducing them to their area on Google Earth
  • Maybe even get them to start annotating map for practice
  • Need training materials!

Data collection for baseline inventory:
  • Photos, videos, information
  • Start by taking inventory of what can be easily measured
  • Practice using GPS and uploading into Google Earth

Action Items:
  • Near-term: 
  • Long-term: 

Brainstorm list of baseline data inventory needed to meet conservation goals
“ICT startup” shopping list… what is the software and hardware needed?


Annotating Google Earth
  • Point, line, polygon
  • Pop-up info balloons (text, images, videos, charts, motion chart?)
  • Image overlays
  • Photo overlays
  • 3D models

What is KML?

Spreadsheet Mapper tool
Animal tracking
GIS/CAD data
My Maps
Map Maker
Historical imagery
HTML/JS/CSS in balloons

  • Aral Sea
  • Mars
  • 3D model updating: Jaws, Serenity

EDAW’s usage of Google Earth:
Client exploring data, projects, etc.

broader staff training:
- Adobe Illustrator
- Rhino
- SketchUp

use Google Maps/Earth... tracing current land use
then ultimately CAD would be used to create a more accurate and refined base map
any Google tools coming out that are useful for us in land planning
slope studies