The Climate Project North American Summit

Welcome to the Google Earth project page for all TCP presenters.

Here you will find information on the Google Earth workshop held at TCP's North American Summit in May, as well as numerous climate change layers and websites for use during your presentations, or for exploring on your own.

Announcment!!  The Earth Outreach website has been updated.
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Websites to remember:

Google Earth Outreach: 
This website contains examples and step-by-step tutorials.

Google Earth Gallery & Google Earth Outreach Showcase
These websites contains numerous examples, where you can search for climate-related terms such as 'sea level rise'

Goals of Workshop:
1. Get comfortable using Google Earth
2. Learn to find and add climate data to Google Earth
3. Add your own custom data to Google Earth
4. Create your own tour in Google Earth
5. Get inspired to share your maps and tours

1. Comfortable using Google Earth (15 minutes)
    Navigating & Searching in Google Earth
    - Exploring the Layers panel
    - Using the Historical Imagery mode

2. Find and download data to Google Earth (20 minutes)
    - Using the Add Content button to load layers from the Gallery
    - You can also add data listed on this page to the right.

3. Add your own custom data to Google Earth (20 minutes)
    - Adding placemarks: Add menu > Placemark (tutorial link coming soon)
    - Embedding images & videos in balloons (tutorial link coming soon):

HTML code for embedding images in balloons (copy-and-paste this into balloon):
<img src = "">

HTML code for more balloon design (copy-and-paste this into balloon):
<p>Here is a <a href="">photograph</a> of Athabasca Glacier in British Columbia, Canada.</p><img src = "">

Website to retrieve HTML embed code for YouTube video: 

    - Saving your project: File menu > Save As...
    - Adding image and photo overlays: Add menu > Image Overlay or Photo (tutorial link coming soon):

Image Overlay: Mount Kilimanjaro contours from WikiCommons -

Photo Overlay: Mount Kilimanjaro photo from WikiMedia -

4. Create your own tour in Google Earth (20 minutes)
    - Record actions & movements
    - Record narration
    - Tutorial for creating tours: click here.

5. Sharing your maps and tours (15 minutes)
    - Embedding on your blog (tutorial coming soon)
    - Embed KML gadget: 
    - Embed Tour gadget: 
    - Sharing layers and tours on TCP wiki or page.

Email Karin Tuxen-Bettman at karintuxen at if you have questions or suggestions for additional data and content for this site.

Climate Change Layers for Google Earth

These Google Earth KML files can be opened and explored using Google Earth (download here, if necessary).
All of the following examples, as well as many others, can be found at the Google Earth Outreach Showcase or the Google Earth Gallery.

Current Energy Usage:

Climate Change Scenarios & Impacts:

Climate Change Solutions & Adaptation:

Interactive Mapping Applications

These Google Maps websites are great interactive tools that take user input and give back information and visualizations. They are were created using Google Maps API.

  • ClimateWatch "Finding a Community's Greenhouse Gas Contributions": Click here to see your community's carbon footprint and calculate your own.
  • WorldClim (compare current vs. 2050 temperature and precipitation for any spot on the Earth): Click here.
  • Flood Map (uses NASA data and the Google Maps API to allow interactive sea level rise visualization): Click here.
  • Roofray (allows users to calculate their solar PV potential on their roof): Click here.

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May 16, 2009, 12:18 AM